Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wenger: 'We had chances to kill the game'

Dear Arsenal Supporter,

We faced the game we expected to face at Sunderland on Saturday and I felt overall our central defence and our goalkeeper dealt well with the situations we faced.

I believe the performance was good overall. We had problems starting in the first half but in the second half we played very well with ten men and were in control of the game. Unfortunately in the 95th minute they equalised.

We showed we could battle, we showed we could play, we had all the ingredients of a good team. We had chances to kill the game, especially when Tomas Rosicky had a penalty, but we didn't do it.

Alex Song was sent off and we were still in control with ten men but we couldn't score the second goal. And as long as you can't score the second goal you are in trouble.

Cesc Fabregas suffered a hamstring injury and you cannot measure how much of a loss he was. I believe you want Fabregas on the pitch but even without Fabregas we could have scored the penalty and won the game.

Thanks for your support.

Arsène Wenger

Sources: my mailbox

Writers view:

1. 1st goal killed the game, if Fabregas didn't score that goal, Arsenal may get more than only 1 goal in the game. (because of that goal, he get the injury)

2. Arshavin was under performance, still not improving since game against Bolton. Song create chance for him vice-versa but doesn't follow with good finishing

3. Penalty, I think it's better if rosicky could learn from Henry and Fabregas

4. Last minute goal, i'm just not believe that referee doesn't blow when Arsenal defenders already clear the corner kicks and Sunderland is not in attacking position, the referee should should and should blow the whistle at the time, it's already pass 4minutes injury time.

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