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Wenger's View - The Official Manager's Email - 28 December 2010

Wenger: 'It can be a pivotal moment'

Dear Arsenal Supporter,

Our win over Chelsea had a double impact.

Mathematically, it keeps us in touch with the Premier League leaders, and psychologically it was important because we were questioned about our capability of winning big games.

I'm happy with the desire in the team. We kept good discipline for 90 minutes on Monday and put in a real team performance. Beating Chelsea can be a very pivotal moment because we know that beating the big teams at home will have an important impact on this league.

Having said that, now we have to respond away at Wigan on Wednesday night in a game where we have to turn up and take points.

Two years ago with the same players we were maybe battered by Chelsea but last year we felt we were getting closer to them. This year, at Manchester United and Chelsea, we were more frustrated because we were more in the game and there was no real difference between the teams.

Maybe we played with the handbrake on before and it was a slow learning process that we got out of our system on Monday night. I know Cesc Fabregas said we were maybe 'scared' to win and they are strong words, but maybe there was something in it. We didn't see that this time though. It was a locked game at the start, but the first goal gave a huge advantage.

We were good in the challenges too - we've improved on that front. We are not bullied any more, that is for sure. It's always very difficult to say because every game is different, but I feel we have matured over the last two years. But this league is very difficult to predict. Every game is difficult for everybody.

As for Chelsea, it is always difficult when you concede just before half-time when the game is so tight and especially in a big game. Then we got two big goals. They're a team that haven't won recently and the drop of confidence must have been felt. They must have felt they had a team with huge desire up against them.

But you never know with Chelsea - they have so many experienced players - and that's why we didn't expect any weakness from them before the game. We took our chances well and, at 1-0, we took advantage of catching them on the break. I still count Chelsea as one of the big title contenders though. I do not think they're out of it after their defeat to us.

Of course I don't think we're very far away in the title race either. We're in December and in touch with Manchester United. We have to be at our best and continue to improve. I hope the victory on Monday will convince the team that we are moving in the right direction and we continue to improve.

Thanks for your support.

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Arsène Wenger

Writer view:
1. Good job team, with Fabregas back (after injury) with a good performance, we had shown to all people around the world, how good are Arsenal FC.
2. London derby meaning very different from Manchester derby, more enjoyable moment happen here.
3. It takes a time to produce a goal, with one goal other will follow.
4. May this performance continues at Wigan, because on the paper shown that we are the best team when we are away from home.

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